Love Your List: Cozying up to AWeber

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You’ve been told you Must. Have. A. List.

And that you really ought to invest in an email list management service if you want your business emails to look professional.

So you dutifully went out and signed up for AWeber — or you’re about to.

But now, you’re stuck.

  • How do you create those “professional-looking” emails?
  • How do you get AWeber to send them at the right time for Your Right People?
  • How do you create a list (and a sign-up form) in the first place?

Find out in the home-study workshop:
Love Your List: Cozying up to AWeber to build relationships with your right people

This class is for you if:

  • You’ve got Aweber (or are about to sign up), and you’re asking yourself, “now what?”
  • You’re a do-it-yourselfer who wants step-by-step instructions and compassionate guidance as you learn the basics of AWeber.
  • You find yourself easily overwhelmed or frustrated by technology.

[The Perception Shifting] has been so helpful. I definitely felt this calm shift away from the fear of the unknown, into the confidence that I tackle the unknown all of the time. That was really helpful.  The knowledge I gained from Wendy’s part helps with that too.
- Janine Adams,

After completing this workshop, you will:

  • Feel better about managing your list and building relationships with your right people
  • Understand why you have a list and what it does for your business
  • Have the confidence and know-how to set up your first list and add new lists
  • Be able to schedule, test, and send emails (both broadcast and autoresponder) with AWeber
  • Know how and where to place a sign-up form on your website
  • See the difference a change in perspective makes, and how to shift yours to support you

What to expect from the home-study materials:

Each of the four one-hour audio recordings features help and tips from both Wendy and Shannon.

  1. Walk through each step with Wendy. During this portion of the audio, you’ll listen to a step-by-step explanation of a specific AWeber task. You’ll be able to follow along in your workbook, looking at screen shots that illustrate each step.
  2. Shift your perceptions with Shannon. She’ll lead a group exercise that will help address the anxieties, worries and fears that arise naturally when learning a new technological task. Instead of fighting these fears, or letting them dominate you, we’ll put them into perspective. We encourage you to listen to these confidence-boosting exercises as many times as you need to.
  3. Take action with handy checklists. Now that we’ve shown you the steps to take and addressed the questions and issues that have kept you from doing it so far, you get to actually do the steps yourself using our checklists as a guide.
  4. Get your questions answered on the course website (Premium Course only). You’ll get access to a password-protected website where you can ask your AWeber questions and see the questions others have asked (and the answers).
  5. Get live help during our Bonus Call (Premium Course only). On September 21, we’ll hold a bonus Q&A call so we can answer as many of your questions as possible, live and in real-time.

I was feeling overwhelmed by all that’s out there. On the AWeber webinar this morning, your guiding us through the steps was superb — informative, concise, clear. Thank you Wendy!
- Areanne Lloyd,

Your fearless guides:

Swimming WendyShannon Wilkinson

Wendy Cholbi
Wendy loves to use her whizbang technology skills to help folks who are overwhelmed by technology, who are scared of doing it wrong and equally scared that they can’t afford to hire someone to fix it. Her compassionate teaching style lets you ask questions without fear, gives you much-needed support, and leaves you with a new feeling of empowerment.

Shannon Wilkinson
Shannon’s favorite thing is helping client’s tame fears and move through stucknesses, so they can get inspired and do more of what they love. She helps you think about things in a different way – shift your perspective – in a gentle, subtle, and oh-so-powerful way.

Course Content, Class-by-class

This is the order in which we presented the classes during the live workshop. You are, of course, free to listen to them in any order you wish.

Class 1: The Big Picture and AWeber basics

Wendy’s Tactical Steps:

  • Three key steps to configure your first list
  • Why a custom confirmation page matters
  • Importing contacts: Who, how, why?

Shannon’s Perception Shifting:

  • An exercise in confidence-building
  • Settling into a comfortable relationship with technology
  • Dealing with the general “ick factor” of marketing and putting yourself out there

Class 2: AWeber’s bag of tricks, and when to pull them out

Wendy’s Tactical Steps:

  • Two types of messages: Followups and broadcasts
  • How and when to use each type of message for maximum benefit
  • How to automagically create a newsletter from your blog posts without copying and pasting

Shannon’s Perception Shifting:

  • Focus on the emotional aspect of learning new technical terms and tips
  • Integrating this new knowledge into your business
  • Being able to put your newly acquired skills to use when you need them

Class 3: The nuts and bolts of sending emails with AWeber

Wendy’s Tactical Steps:

  • Sending pretty emails without having to learn graphic design or HTML
  • Scheduling, testing, and sending
  • Who’s getting this email, anyway? Including multiple lists when you send a message

Shannon’s Perception Shifting:

  • Learning to listen to yourself without judgment
  • Applying what you hear and learn to your business and marketing
  • Dealing with the terror of hitting that “send” button

Class 4: The last link in the chain: Getting people to sign up

Wendy’s Tactical Steps:

  • Using AWeber’s form designer for fun and profit
  • Avoiding the most common mistake made by novice AWeber users
  • Where to place form(s) on your website

Shannon’s Perception Shifting:

  • Noticing the many small steps that are necessary to plan and send an AWeber email
  • Recognizing and appreciating yourself for taking even the very first one
  • Building this into a regular process/practice to keep you moving forward

This [class] is very helpful. The process AWeber has is pretty straightforward but I find their language confusing.
- Jennifer Bradley Ph.D.,

Ready to get more bang for your AWeber buck?

Choose the Core Workshop or the Premium Workshop:

Premium Workshop
Four Teleclass Audio Files. You’ll receive edited mp3s with notations for each segment so you can quickly find the information you want to hear, without all the unnecessary stuff. Each class features both practical information and emotional perspective shifting. Yes! Yes!
Workbook and checklists. A handy PDF workbook chock full of notes, worksheets and checklists to guide you. Use it on its own or follow along as you listen to the audio recordings. It also includes a compilation of FAQs. Yes! Yes!
Private Web Page for Q & A. Online summaries include strategies and ideas from the weekly focus. Each session has a dedicated page for you to ask questions and get answers. Yes!
Get Calm & Get it Done audio. This audio was created for those times when you want to throw your computer through the window! It will help ease your frustration, so you can think straight and get your stuff done. Yes!
Bonus Q & A Calls. We’ll host periodic bonus calls to answer your questions about AWeber and email marketing, and do a little perspective shifting. We’ll automagically send call notifications and reminders (using AWeber, of course!) to all buyers. Yes!
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